As the Fall quickly approaches and another school year begins, the exciting time of sorority recruitment is also just around the corner. Although choosing to join a sorority isn’t for everyone, it is a great way to find a home away from home while at college. 

Formal Recruitment is a time when you go through your college’s sorority recruitment process. It is a time when you get to visit each sorority house and get to know the members to see where you best fit in. It is a time when you learn about the events they hold each semester, the philanthropy work they are heavily involved in, the values they uphold and honor as well as getting to know the women who will help you make the most out of your collegiate years while making lifelong memories and friends.

As the recruitment week progresses and you further get to know the sororities you are interested in, the closer Bid Day is! Bid day also know as the “best day” is when you receive your bid to the sorority you will call home for the next four years. It is the most exciting celebration of the year, the initiated members get to welcome home the new members and welcome them into the most exciting time of your life! 

Joining a sorority is more than just celebrations with costumes and themes. It is a time for you to have guidance during the transition into college life, it is a time to learn how to get involved with your community, locally and nationally, while doing philanthropic work. It is a time to find friends who will be with you far after your college years. It is a bond you can carry with you into your life & you will be surprised with how many fellow sisters you meet in your post college years. 

Make Bid Day and Initiation for your favorite new sorority member one to remember. We have so many gifts that can be personalized to make these days memorable and special! We hope you enjoy the process of finding your home away from home & we would love to help make it memorable! 

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