A custom-designed wedding invitation from Aly Am Paperie makes a lasting first impression on all who are invited to your wedding. It is the first glimpse wedding guests get of your special day. When you’re ready to start on your wedding invitations, I’d be delighted to sit with you and help personalize your wedding stationery.

What to Bring to Your Wedding Invitation Consultation

You deserve a memorable keepsake in the form of your wedding invitation from Aly Am Paperie. There are four items to bring with you during your scheduled invitation consultation with us to ensure the quality and personalization of your wedding invitation

Color Swatches

Bring physical examples of your wedding colors to your consultation. Digital or printed photos of your bouquet and venue or the actual fabric swatches of what your wedding party will wear are great pieces to bring to your appointment. Items or photos featuring your wedding theme colors are great for us to match our paper stock to your desired look.

Design Sample Ideas

We love a good Pinterest or mood board that represents what you envision for your wedding day. Send us your screenshots or saved photos of the invitations you like to [email protected] at least 24 hours before our appointment. This allows us to be prepared for the consultation and we are more than ready to help design your wedding stationery.

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Contact Details of Your Vendor Team

The vision you have for your wedding comes alive through the work of your vendor team. That includes your wedding planner, photographer, florist, and Aly Am Paperie as your stationer. Start collecting the contact information of your vendors when you’re ready to begin planning for your big day. 

Share each company name, point of contact, email and phone number of your vendor team during your appointment. By working directly with the members of your vendor team, we can answer questions faster and create a better outcome for you and your wedding day.

Most Importantly, Your Invitation Count!

It is critical that you work on your guest list before signing contracts for any part of your wedding day. A 20% change in your numbers can cause you to either save or lose thousands of dollars! 

wedding invitation by Aly Am Paperie

After you decide who you want to invite and the option for your guests to bring a plus one, label each family, couple and single guest on your list. Then, count the number of addresses to households or family units you’ll mail, or hand deliver, an invitation to. This will help you determine the invitation count that you’ll share during your consultation.

Understand that the address list is not the overall guest count. You should expect to send an invitation to each family unit, couple and single guests and, possibly, their plus ones. Each Aly Am Paperie invitation equals one mailing address (that can also be printed on matching envelopes).

Lastly, don’t forget to include you and your wedding party in your final count. 

Consultation Appointment Practices

Seating is limited at Aly Am Paperie. We are a small design studio and we want to use our time together wisely. Your consultation appointment with us will take between 1 hour to 1 ½ hours due to the number of details we need to cover. For this reason, we ask that you: 

Help Prevent Interruptions

Limit or omit the possibility of interruptions caused by phone calls, notifications, children, or extended family and friends. Let’s avoid missing critical information or making the consultation longer than needed.

Arrive On Time With Your Entire Party

Everyone in your planning party needs to arrive at the start of your consultation. This way time is not lost in recapping information and details already provided or decided on. Late arrivals of your party will forfeit the appointment fee since information will have to be recapped to bring everyone up to speed. Time will be lost because of this. 

Aly Am Paperie Green, Lavender and blue wedding invitation suite with succulents

Enjoy Food and Drink Beforehand

Food and drink are not kind to paper and ribbon. If you are making it a day with your party, enjoy your meal and drink before or after your appointment. 

Should you need to change your appointment time, please use the same link you booked it from. Cancellations without communication are non-refundable and you are considered canceled 10 minutes past the start time. If you need to reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment, please let us know at your earliest convenience. No Call/No Shows blocks other couples from possibly booking that same appointment time.

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The Sign of a Successful Invitation Consultation

Our goal at Aly Am Paperie is to work together with you to create an invitation that is unique as you are. 

Your invitation should capture all the details of your day and ensure your guests are well-informed. We want to present your guests with all the information they need to make the necessary arrangements to attend your wedding and celebrate your special day. 

By following the few simple steps we mentioned above, you will have a successful invitation consultation at Aly Am Paperie. Book your appointment with us now so the rest of your wedding planning goes as smoothly as possible. 

Let’s talk! Call me at (210) 375-8400, send me an email, or make an appointment!